• Ghada
    " I highly recommend this camp. Very well organised and extremely classy."
  • Rahaf
    " I like that you get to meet people from around the world and the activities were always very fun. One of my best memories as a child was at camps. "
  • Sally
    "Campequette was an amazing experience for son and daughter. Professionally run, friendly staff and amazing activities. My children had a wonderful time and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others "
  • Mona Abdel Maksoud 
    "If you wish to send your children to Europe for summer camps, this is a good recommendation ... I sent judy before and it was an amazing experience "
    Mona Abdel Maksoud 
  •  Sally A. Shaheen
    "What really makes a difference and let Campequette stands out is the amount of passion and dedication behind it. I have known Mervat Marshall since almost 20 years ago and I know how passionate she is to her work and to please and benefit kids , preteens and teens . She has it all with her dedication , professionalism and hard work and this camp is not an ordinary camp , it is a well thought of life time experience .  I was not surprised from the positive feedback from everyone cause Mervat passion coupled with the professional approach of John and the super team behind it made it a real success . They spare no effort to make it a life time experience . Inshalalh will let my kids go through this one and only experience so soon and I will be relaxed and happy that they are enjoying , benefiting and learning in a fun multicultural atmosphere  . Good luck And wish you the best. "
    Sally A. Shaheen
  • Hanna Alim
    "Campequette was by far one of contributing factors that made my parents to agree about me leaving Egypt and studying abroad. Personally, I gained a-lot of experiences and learning how to be independent. I traveled with campequette every single trip they have done and honestly I recommend for all parents and children to let their kids/teens join those camps and trips. Note to all parents, we were always supervised by either Mavi and john or camp instructors so we are always safe. Also, we had very reasonable time for curfew,depending on our age as well. I absolutely loved going to camp and I wish I could go again. Love "
    Hanna Alim
  • Shafky El Monayery 
    "I would like to thank Mavi & John for these great trips to the lovely camps. Yes they added a lot to my daughter Hana, and we were keen to send Hana every trip to learn & have fun too with these great friends & families. Years & years passed by, Hana finished school and went to the University in the UK, full of independency, doing great now because one day she traveled to these camps and gained a lot of skills. I would encourage Parents to give their children this chance and take this self experience and I’m they will see a big difference.  Thanks a lot my dear Mavi for all these lovely years & thanks a lot John for being around teaching and supporting everyone went to these trips wish you both all the success .. love u "
    Shafky El Monayery 
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