Plan your trip

Once you’ve registered / booked, you will be able to access your dedicated online trip planner to manage your booking and upload your son / daughter’ details; you will also be given a dedicated Customer Service Coordinator who will manage your booking from confirmation to when you are handed over to our excellent centre teams a few weeks before you arrive.

First step

Registration on line.

Second step

Send your passport copy via email in order to reserve your flight ticket with us.

Third step

Fill in registration form and the medical form to be registered ® on one of our centers based on your choice.

Fourth step

Pay the first fee and the flight ticket. Please see Campequette fee structure and bank details.

How much is the total cost of the trip?

The total cost of the trip is: 
1 week camp: GBP 820 (excluding flight) 
2 week camp: GBP 1455 (excluding flight)

What’s included in the price?

  • All internal transfers 
  • International Medical Insurance 
  • Accommodation 
  • All Meals 
  • Excursion Programme (One full day per week) in addition to a field trip. 
  • Multi-Activity Programme 
  • All Activity Equipment and Clothing 
  • Computer Facilities

Fifth step:

Check your visa status, a visa is required for children who are not an EEA citizen. Our Campequette team will gladly help you with the process of getting an entry Visa for the UK by giving you the contact of our outsource office, which will assist you with the visa process. Please check the visa required documents on our website. 

Please note that children under the age of 13 are required to have an entry Visa accompanied by one of our Campequette Team to accompany them on the trip to the UK.

The UK authorities do not allow a child under the age of 13 to travel unaccompanied by an adult.

Authorization Letter should be given to one of our Campequette Team in this case.

Important information:

How to reach our Camp (location of the camp)?

The journey will start at the airport of your destination.  What is the procedure for dropping off my child at the airport? Please ensure that your child is at the airport at least three hours before departure. It’s extremely important that either you or an authorised Campequette Agent holds onto the child’s passport and that it has the necessary visa for entry into the United Kingdom. Your child’s baggage should be appropriately labelled with their full name.

What kind of clothes should my child bring?

You can find a full list of suggested clothes on our website. However, we request that your child has sufficient clothing for their entire trip. The weather in the summer is generally sunny however English weather can be unpredictable! Children should, therefore, have appropriate clothing for a range of possible weather conditions and these should all be clearly labelled. 

What about Pocket Money?

We advise giving your child/children  the currency of your country in addition to GBP.  We encountered that some children wish to buy some items from the airport before flying.  GBP, please make sure that your son / daughter obtain approximately Pounds 100 British Pounds, as pocket money, for each week they are with us. If they plan to go for shopping and souvenirs, we recommend to give a little more.

What’s next?

The journey will start from the London Airport, where we will all meet and from there on, travel together by coach and ferry or only coach, depending on the camp you chose.  Arrival at the Camp: Once your child arrives at the camp, he/she will be allocated in a room with his/ her mates.  Precious belongings: The children will have a welcome They then meet with the camp team to allocate them and take their precious belongings in order to keep it in the camp safe. Please note that any devise is the responsibility of your son/daughter. We allow the children to bring their phones, however they won’t be with them during their activities.  The children will be allowed to use their phones only one hour per day.   

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Boys and girls will sleep either on different floor levels or in different buildings, depending on how the Camp allocates its beds.

What about clothes and washing arrangements?

During our stay at the Camp, all dirty clothes will be washed once a week by local staff. Please make sure that your child has a washing bag.  When it comes to personal hygiene, we will make sure that each child/student brushes their teeth at the appropriate times and maintains a clean and tidy appearance. Each child/student will be required to take a shower every day

Who do I contact in the event of an emergency?