Mission and Vision

Campequette strives to be the leading provider of international camps in both the United Kingdom and around Europe. Through these camps, it hopes to nurture outgoing, happy and confident children leading them to achieve great things. Our core approach is a belief that outdoor experience and learning enriches education. Our emphasis on experiential education encourages kinaesthetic learning and independence at every point. This belief is complimented by our persistent encouragement of English etiquette; from table manners to addressing each other politely. This approach is the unique Campequette twist on an otherwise traditional summer camp experience. We believe that international experience lies at the heart of successful and happy children. By welcoming people from over 35 different countries we celebrate our values of inclusivity and diversity. In turn, we believe that this encourages maturity and develops Children’s communication and teamwork skills. At Campequette we, therefore, aim to develop tolerance, independence, self-confidence, and communication. By the end of their time with us, we hope they will leave more globally aware, mature and self-confident than when they entered.