Who we are!

Campequette is a holiday camp for children aged 5 and 17 years. We as an international community aim to bring children from all different cultures together and have a learning & adventurous experience by being part of a holiday camp. Our camps are a great way for children to spend their holiday while having an unforgettable time and a unique experience.

What experience does Campequette have in working with schools and groups?

Campequette has been a family run business for ten years. Campequette is run by two parents, Mervat and John Marshall and offers international students the opportunity to go on Summer Camp in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and other countries. Drawing upon years of experience in British international schools. Campequette brings with it a traditional knowledge of English education alongside modern and innovative learning techniques. Together this offers a unique experience which combines world-leading English etiquette with outdoor activities and English lessons.

Where is Campequette located?

We have 10 summer camp locations, each one tailored to different adventures. Our small friendly camp, is dedicated to younger adventurers. We have created an urban oasis, a woodland getaway, a coastal paradise and an Island adventure! All you need to do is work out your favourite adventure activities, or simply pick the location that is closest to home! Please have a look on our web page for more in-depth information on our different locations. www.campequette.com

How to register?

Go to any of our Social Media or website to find the link to the registration form.

How will my child travel?

Campequette Team will take care of your child from the minute your son/daughter arrives at the airport.

How to reach our Center (location of the camp)?

The journey will start from the airport in London, where we will all meet and from there on travel together by coach / ferry.

What is the procedure for dropping off my child at the airport and who will take care of my child?

Campequette Team will meet with the parents at the airport. Please ensure that your child is at the airport at least three hours before departure. It’s extremely important that either you or an authorised Campequette Agent holds onto the child’s passport and that it has the necessary visa for entry into the United Kingdom. Your child’s baggage should be appropriately labelled with their full name.

What kind of clothes should my child bring?

The weather in the summer is generally sunny however English weather can be unpredictable! Children should, therefore, have appropriate clothing for a range of possible weather conditions and these should all be clearly labelled. You can find a full list of suggested clothes on our website. However, we request that your child has sufficient clothing for their entire trip.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

All of our dormitories are gender separated and sleep between 2 to 6 children per room. Sheets, duvets and pillows are provided. Some rooms are en-suite but there are always separate toilet and shower facilities for girls and boys close to dormitories.

Boys and girls will sleep either on different floor levels or in different buildings, depending on how the Camp allocates its beds.

What about Pocket Money?

All children’s needs are catered for, however, every centre does have a gift shop where children can buy postcards, limited refreshments, pencils and souvenirs.

We recommend the children to bring £5-10 per day during their stay.

Additional pocket money:

We advise giving your child/children approximately Pounds 100 British Pounds, as pocket money, for the day trip to London.

What about clothes and washing arrangements?

During our stay at the Camp, all dirty clothes will be washed once a week by local staff.

When it comes to personal hygiene, we will make sure that each child/student brushes their teeth at the appropriate times and maintains a clean and tidy appearance. Each child/student will be required to take a shower every day.

How can parents get in touch with their children?

A: In special circumstances, parents can call their children through Campequette’s leaders. However, it has been our experience that parents calling their children just to talk often makes the children’s time away from home harder, rather than easier. That would increase the possibility of the child being home sick.

What about electronic devices?

Electronic devices are not permitted. The camp does not take responsibility for any damages or loss of any device. The devices are kept under the child’s own risk.

Who supervises my child during the night?

Teachers and party leaders rooms are located nearby the dormitories. Every centre has a night duty team on call throughout the night.

When is bedtime?

Our evening activities typically end around 9 pm when students enjoy a refreshment before returning to their dorms. We suggest a lights-out policy of 10pm but this may vary depending on the age of the group and their teachers’ preferences.

What about insurance?

A: All children are covered by our standard £5 million public liability insurance while on site. Some schools also prefer our additional comprehensive group travel insurance at £3 per individual. This covers children and party leaders from the time of booking your visit to your return to school.

Please check with our representative regarding the insurance policy.

What about my child's well-being?

Our staff is trained to take responsibility for the well-being of the children who are in their care. We have found that the best way to help children cope with being away from home is to keep them busy. As such, we create a warm, supportive environment for students so they quickly feel at home. Our activities are progressive, allowing students to join in at whatever level they’re comfortable with. For obvious reasons some activities are age restricted and/or subject to the correcting of equipment.

What about children with special needs?

We are ommitted to an inclusive approach and values the involvement of all young people. We can support special needs students with many of their requirements as long as parents make us aware of them at the time of booking. We’re happy to provide extra support to those who are used to taking part in activities with the rest of their classmates – but if we think it won’t prove a positive experience for them, that it might prove overwhelming, or that we’re not equipped to cope with a specific situation, we’ll let you know.

What’s the food like?

A: Our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are all created to boost energy, with health in mind and meet government recommendations on nutrition. Menus vary day-to-day according to the season but there is always a choice of hot and cold dishes, vegetarian options and fresh salad bars, with meals served in communal dining areas. We’re happy to cater for special faith or dietary requirements if we are informed well in advance. You can view a sample menu in this pack or online ahead of your child’s trip.

Will our child mix with other children from different schools or groups?

Our centres usually have several schools and groups from different countries and cultures. As we support the diverse culture mix, the children will all stay together throughout the day.

Students from different schools will not share the same dorms.

Who do I contact in the event of an emergency?

Email: m.marshall@campequette.com
Phone Number: +49 174 6394865