Encourage your son or daughter to join our Annual Summer Adventure Trip. Campequette offers your Children an unforgettable summer experience in the United Kingdom. A traditional summer camp with a modern twist. We passionately believe that the best way to grow is through new experiences and outdoor learning. At Campequette we offer both these aspects alongside English education and activities. Summer Camps are about independence, achievements, adventure and memories that will last a lifetime. That’s what Campequette is all about. Through our emphasis on experiential education, we encourage kinaesthetic learning and independence at every point. It’s for children themselves to discover and learn by getting involved. This innovative and modern approach to education is what sets us apart from more traditional camps. By nurturing independence and building skills Children equip themselves with invaluable skills for the future broadening the opportunities available to them. Children leave Campequette with self-confidence, a smile and friends from across the world. We are an extremely experienced team with nearly a decade of experience in offering Summer Camps. An international atmosphere lies at the heart of our camps. Every year we welcome pupils between 5 and 17 from more than 35 different countries around the world. An unforgettable experience to the United Kingdom (UK) which helps children grow in confidence, create lasting international friendships and make wonderful summer memories.

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